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Blue Ocean NOW Group provides a myriad of services to teach, assist and execute social responsibility tasks, plans and programs for our clients. Our staff is certified for business coaching execution stragtegies and sustainability programs. We work with executive management, all the way through line workers, to implement corporate stragies, from financial to sales goals and the incorporation of sustainability goals.

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What we do

The Blue Ocean NOW Group is a business coaching organization that helps clients capitalize on environmental sustainability. We teach our clients to effectively incorporate strategy execution into their business plans According to a survey of CEO's, only 10% of all publicly traded companies execute their strategies.

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Special Events

For the second year in a row, we have been selected to speak at the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers conference. The event is being held in Palm Springs this year. We will be presenting "Executing Green IT Strategy".

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Special package

Blue Ocean NOW is offering a consulting review of sustainability strategies at No Charge for new clients. Please call 816.304.3177 for adddional information..

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Environmental Sustainability is Growing!
In our Sustainable Leadership lectures, more companies are coming forward asking how to implement Environmental Management Systems. Please call or email if your organization would like to teach your members about successfully developing sustainability.



The Blue Ocean NOW Group

We provide executive and corporate business coaching, focusing primarily on the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

Our SME clients are busy with day-to-day business functions and are hard-pressed to squeeze time out of their business days and personal lives to concentrate on their strategies and initiative execution. This is often referred to as working “in” the business at the ground level, rather than working “on” the business.

Our business-seasoned consultants assist executives and business managers in taking the 10,000 foot observation and focusing on strategic activities that grow the long-term objectives of the enterprise.

Executives know they must work on their business plans but less than 10% spend more than one hour a month dedicated to updating and changing their goals.

Our consultants coach executives on how to re-energize and realign their plans. We help analyze and shift “in” the business chores to open up opportunities for change, often assisting with some core responsibilities while the changes occur, usually on a project basis.

Blue Ocean Now Group consultants are former executives from a variety of industries. They gained their experiences by doing the work, rather than studying how it should be done. We pride ourselves in knowing what it’s like to toil “in” the business, and the joy of being able to succeed after working “on” the business.

The majority of our clients are currently successful, but having difficulty blowing away their target goals, or getting the time to look at new business ventures or lines of business. Because of our success, most of our clients are referred to us by professionals who work with clients believing they need additional assistance. However, please feel free to contact us before your accountant or attorney recommends we meet.

The Evolution of the Name

The name “Blue Ocean NOW” signifies a combination of business and life strategies that emphasize practicing business excellence immediately. We practice and implement the business methodology of Six Disciplines®, the goals of Blue Ocean Strategy®, and the concept of Nowism.

The Blue Ocean NOW Group is one of the few authorized Six Disciplines® business coaching affiliates in the U.S. We utilize their strategy methodology to help our clients achieve strategic execution excellence, which less than 10% of all companies are able to accomplish.

This methodology combines the tested teachings of people like Michael Porter, Stephen Covey, Michael Gerber, Robert Kaplan and David Norton, Peter Senge, and many others. Six Disciplines takes the principles and molds them into a repeatable methodology that has helped companies experience strategy execution excellence.

We blend these teachings with the Blue Ocean Strategy, developed by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. To best state this concept, they wrote “Blue ocean strategy challenges companies to break out of the red ocean of bloody competition by creating uncontested market space that makes the competition irrelevant”.

Their studies have proven that by operating in the blue ocean of competition, companies make greater profits per invested dollar, than those who continue to launch new offerings in red oceans.

The third feature of our name, and process, is the Nowism philosophy, of which we partially adopt. Nowism says you should act for the “now”, taking advantage of all opportunities as they make themselves present. While this sounds fun and exciting, we believe that you can only act for the “now” if you are properly prepared.

A company must know its strategy, have clearly defined and developed a path of execution, and have tested and revised their initiatives as necessary. Once you have these strengths accomplished, one can analyze and act quickly on new opportunities “NOW” with the security of knowing you have your ducks in a row so you can withstand the outcome of your new ventures.

Our clients are primarily small and medium sized businesses enjoying a relative degree of success with an executive team that understands they may not yet be completely excellent. They are open to honest evaluations, willing to measure their success, have or can create trusting internal management relationships, and would utilize a community of peers to share successes and failures with.

If your organization has not achieved excellence in strategy execution, the Blue Ocean NOW Group would be happy to hold a short consultation with you. Please feel free to contact us to set up a conference.


" Blue Ocean NOW Group successfully coached us through our environmental certification process. "

Sustainability Director of a publicly traded company.

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